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Dear Friends and Comrades,

The idea for the magazine first stemmed from discussions in the women’s caucus of the International Socialist Network, and with wider discussions with other women in the movement. 

Although the idea was initially inspired by discussions about the role and content of the SWP’s Women’s Voice from the 1970s and early 1980s, this magazine is not intended to replicate Women’s Voice and nor is it intended to be the magazine of one organisation. Rather we are involving a wide-range of organisations and individuals in writing for the magazine, and also in editorial decisions and in the production of the magazine.

Statement of Intent: 

• Editorial decisions will be taken by an editorial board of women who volunteered and were elected at the launch meeting in January, accountable to the groups and individuals supporting the publication. We have agreed that we will hold another election once the magazine is up and running.
• From a leftist perspective
• Multi- party, including women from an assortment of different backgrounds
• As accessible as possible
•The content will mainly be written by women, but we will also welcome contributions from people who do not identify as women or who experience other forms of oppression.
• Diverse – a mix of theory and day-to-day life, including reports, reviews, artwork… anything a woman wants to produce and express. (See the graphic for ideas agreed)

We hope that you will choose to get involved in this project. We have had many positive responses from a wide-range of women on the left, and believe that this magazine could not only make an invaluable contribution to debates on the left, but could also connect with an audience beyond existing left groups.

If you are interested in coming to the meeting, please do let us know by emailing the address below. Similarly if you would like some more information, or to chat to one of us, then do get in touch:
In comradeship, 

Women’s Caucus of the International Socialist Network 
(On behalf of We Want a Women’s Mag)

You can also contact us using the form below:

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