Women’s Publication Organising Group Meeting Minutes

Women’s Publication Meeting: 21/02/2015

We convened a women’s publication organising meeting today, to discuss launching a women’s publication of the left.

Present: Emma R, Sara, M, Georgia B, Leanne T, Joy M, Kat B-M

Apologies: Beth R, Margaret M, Hazel C, Katherine N, Kelly R, Alison L, Hannah A

Why do we need a women’s publication?

We had a general discussion about what we wanted the publication to be. The areas we felt were important and an overview of the points raised, in terms of what we want from the publication was:

  • A feminist publication from a socialist perspective.
  • A place where we can discuss violence against women.
  • A home for independent socialists, and members of different organisations across the left.
  • A class based approach to feminism.
  • Involvement in LGBT politics and oppression politics generally.
  • Inclusive and accessible to new people to politics.
  • As open and approachable as possible, so working class women and other people interested in getting involved have a place to speak up and express their views.
  • A space to discuss class issues, such as the housing crisis and how women are fighting back.
  • Pull in organisations across the left.
  • International involvement.
  • A place for women to write and have discussions about all political issues and not just ‘women’s issues’.
  • Reaching out to all oppressed groups.
  • What we mean by working class, so for example all those who rely on a wage, either social or through employment.
  • A mission statement for the publication.
  • A clear idea of who our audience is.
  • A guide to what some of the terms used on the left mean.
  • Interviews as a way of engaging activists and women within our communities.
  • Utilising the blog to report back from protests and other activity.
  • A place to grapple with a discuss the financial crisis.
  • Book reviews and culture sections.
  • Black history month.
  • Use the blog to myth bust in response current news in the mainstream.
  • Weekly updates on the blog.
  • Organise a skills day.
  • Active women involved in the publication involving their organisations and asking for donations.
  • In the 1st year use our networks to get the publication off the ground and eventually become more ambitious by getting the labour movement to support us.


  • Mission statement. Sara M to write a draft and circulate to the publication organising group.
  • Georgia B to look into finance and opening a bank account.

Plan of Action:

  • Agree women from the meeting to write something for the blog by the end of the meeting.
  • PDF publication on the We Want a Women’s Mag website.
  • 3 month deadline for the prototype and possibly every 6 months thereafter, to be agreed at the next meeting.
  • The idea was raised that we have an election special, to discuss what women need to be fighting for in the election campaign.
  • Approach women in struggle to conduct interviews.
  • Turn the comment section on, on the blog. This has since been checked and is currently on. We should moderate.
  • Identify who has the skills to put together a PDF publication and laying out print publications.
  • We need a group of 6-7 people who are willing to commit the time to the project and who are relatively competent.
  • Round up of articles on different subjects, which we can link to on the website.
  • Discussed re-publishing articles. However, we thought it would be difficult and time consuming to seek permission to do this. Links a better way of achieving this.
  • Using Mailchimp to send out information.
  • Putting a donate button on the We Want a Women’s Mag website.
  • Reviewing the functionality of the website.
  • Subject specific articles could be given to the person with the most experience in the field to edit on the editorial board.


  • 2 week deadline to write up articles for International Women’s Day, which is on the 8th March.

Leanne T – Hustings report back.

Kat B-M – Review Fifty Shades of Grey. Reclaim the Night report back.

Sara M – Interview with a care worker activist.

Emma R – History piece. Syria and Kurdistan, women and war.

Joy M – Pro reclaiming abortion. Ched Evans piece.

Sara M – to moderate the blog.

All – Look at the website and report back on how it could be better in terms of the functionality. https://wewantawomensmag.wordpress.com/

All – Read mission statement and come up with names for the publication.

Kat B-M – Send out login details for the website and the Twitter group etc to the organising group.

Joy M – Look into booking a meeting room in London for a meeting on a Saturday in April, 2nd or 3rd weekend. Possible venues are the Lucas Arms or university spaces. The plan is to come up with a name and print publication deadline and get more women involved.

All – Share what we are doing with our networks.

– Post a recording of this meeting on the blog: Marx’s Capital in One Day 28/02/2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/671225232998995/?fref=ts

Joy M – to circulate Mailchimp to the group.

Kat B-M – Find out the bank account of the ISN and advise Georgia B.


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