London Palestine protest

Yesterday, we saw the streets of London overflowing with protestors from all around Britain, from all different background, faiths and ideologies, coming together to show the people of Gaza that we are standing with them. That despite the world leaders willingness to ignore them, we will not.

The people came to relay several important messages:
To end the bloody attacks on Palestinian civilians from the savage Israeli forces, which have seen over 340 people killed, at least 80% civilians, bombings on hospitals, civillian home, disabled homes and as of this morning, a massacre in Shujaiya.
To call for a ceasefire on Palestinian terms, removing the siege of gaza that has enclosed 1.8 million inhabitants in a strip 320km2 and to urge the British people and government to economically boycott Israel.

Yesterday’s chilling chants of over 100,000 demonstrators in aid of Gaza was, for many of us, a restoration of humanity and a testimony to the people of Gaza and Palestine, that you are not alone.

Ola A (Palestinian activist)


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