Palestine Solidarity protest outside the Israeli Embassy

The police had kettled a space that could fit a couple of hundred outside the Israeli Embassy on Friday evening (11 July), but it soon became obvious that this would not hold the ten thousand strong protest that was to descend in solidarity with Palestine. A number 9 Routemaster that was stranded quickly became the home of a number of protesters including an Orthodox Jewish man holding a sign reading ‘Judaism rejects the Zionist State and condemns its criminal siege and occupation’. This was the second of what will surely become a summer of protest if Israel carries on with their murderous colonial intent.


George Galloway called on all protesters present to bring ten more people to Tuesday’s planned protest outside BBC broadcasting house at 17.30. This is a call for the BBC to stop it’s biased reporting on Gaza. A march from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy on Saturday 19th July at 12 noon is also planned.


The fact that the protest was much larger then the police were expecting meant there really weren’t enough of them for their normal interrogation tactics, this will not be the case next time if we don’t keep upping our numbers. We need to show our government that we will not stand by as they are, and allow these acts of terrorism against the Palestinian people. I write this as more then 160 Palestinians have lost their lives.

As we walked away from the protest on Friday night a couple hundred of us stayed on the road holding up the traffic for an hour. The police sheepishly asked us to clear the road, but we could not, we were held in place by such anger. The cars behind us were beeping in support with one driver taking a banner and holding as he crawled behind us. As Palestinians are being forced to flee their homes we must leave ours and stand together.

by Leah Burdon-Manley

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